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More and more people take their live into their own hands. Newest science reports show nature supports us with the best ingredients for our health. This website shows new incredible products which are based on actual experiences and science rediscoveries.

Be the change you want to see.

Most of the products on this website we are using ourselves to make sure they work. Technology - based on dark energy / space energy - was transferred into technical/usable applications since 2001. The vibration technology is used for fuel saving, against smog, to save water, and for detoxing. It would make it possible to regenerate pollution, radioactivity and other environmental pollution. This technology makes it possible to change atomic structures which changes the characteristics of material. Everything is oscillating. Little by little even school science is figuring out this invisible energy exists and it explains obscure phenomenons.

Nature always strives to be in balance.

Many thanks to people like Michael & Zhor Wüst, Wolfgang Kühl, Dr. Klaus Volkamer, Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner, Viktor Schauberger, Nicola Tesla, Herbert Renner and many others.

Nature Harmonizing Station harmonizing disorders in our atmosphere

Nature Harmonizing Station

E-smog-buster mobile reduces the e-smog on the body

E-Smog-Buster Mobile

Agnihotra Water Egg produce high quality water

Agnihotra Water Egg

Water alteration rod serves you with high quality water

Water Alteration Rod

Wood saver increase burning power of wood

Wood Saver

Urfeld Balance harmonizing living and working areas

Source Field Diamonds

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