Agnihotra Water Egg

To discribe the Agnihotra Water Egg with some words is not possible. It is no filter but nevertheless the water that comes out of the egg is totally different to the water filled in before. It was invented for own home use maybe this is the reason for getting a high quality water from it like the inventor was looking for.

The Agnihotra Water Egg combines several effects and comes out with high quality water. Tap water is vitalized within seconds and exceeds spring water in taste and quality.

Plants which get their water from the egg have an increase growth and harvest by 50-500%. You can analyze the water, we don´t do that. You can measure several substances in the water but what does that mean ? Water is more than just minerals and 2H + O. Water carries information, so you can clean a toxic water and nevertheless it is still toxic because it still carries this information.

On the other side there can be measurements about toxic substances in the water and the water has no negative influence on flora and fauna. Could it be we have lots to learn in the water area ?

The egg is made from clay, paramagnetic basalt meal, magnetite and Agnihotra ash. Experiences show that people having an Agnihotra Water Egg drink much more water than before because it tastes so good. The egg comes with a handmade wooden stand and high quality tap and gazed surface. The egg is the strongest and most harmonizing water grafter you can get. You can use it with milk, tea, coffee, wine … as well. It combines several energy effects to reach a maximum in change. The egg shape stands in nature for transmutation and it builds up a vortex to fluids, an energetic whirl which is transferred to fluid in the egg.

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Here you will find some testimonals regarding the Agnihotra Water Egg.

To eat good food and drink the best water is very important for us. We drink a lot of water. Since we have the water egg we even drink more water than before. While we were drinking before mostly tea and water mixed with apple juice we now drink pure water because it tastes so good. The plants we are growing in the house get water from the egg as well. A pendulum makes the energy field in the egg visible.

Roland & Martina B. - Nova Scotia