E-smog-buster mobile

This unit reduces the e-smog on the body.

The E-smog-Buster harmonizes energy oscillations. When interacting with human energy fields, esmog-buster neutralizes the reciprocal effect, that the energy oscillations have on the human body. There is no impact on the receive signal. Only the reciprocal effect on the human biological cells is being altered through the e-smog-buster.

The aura-photos clearly illustrate the effect to the human body: A phone-call with the same length was made with a mobile without AccuPower (left pic) and with a mobile phone with AccuPower (right pic). Clearly visible around the head: the dark parts indicate an energy loss. On the right Picture the aura is more balanced. AccuPower compensates and protects clearly the human body.

The effect of e-smog-buster extends across the whole body.

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