Nature Harmonizing Station

People start recognizing we cannot continue destroying our environment any longer. The soil, the water and the air, our food, everything is polluted and out of harmony.

The solution is the installation of Nature Harmonizing Stations (NHS). The NHS use the Orgon-field discovered by Wilhelm Reich. This global field is the most important base for all living processes on our planet. The main reason for the disorders in our atmosphere are beside others electromagnetic pollution and chemtrails which considerably influence the organ-filed in the industrialized countries.

Measurements show that Nature Harmonizing Stations create a harmonized field several km high and several km in the diameter. This field creates harmonizing influences in weather, improving the soil, increasing plants growth, and health of man and animals. Even the social together between people was improved and more peaceful.

Periods of drought ended after installing NHS. Tests showed giant earth reticules and energy lines became stronger and were synchronized when they get in resonance with the NHS. The size of our NHS is 50 * 50 cm and about 1.50 m high and weather resistance.

GAIA is not just a huge bio-chemical biotope. Maybe we are told this from schools or Greenpeace. GAIA lives! GAIA is consciousness! Mother earth talks to us - permanent. The project NHS runs with joy and lots of very positive feedbacks. Join us to heal our nature, thoughts, feelings and humanity. We sell NHS assembly kits only. They come without the barrel and the 2’’ galvanized steel pipe (4 ft 11’ long).

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