Water alteration rod

The rod serves you with high quality water.
- the water tastes fresh and soft as of source of the mountains
- drinking tea or coffee becomes a completely new pleasure
- plants prosper better
- detergents can be saved in the household
- reduces limescale deposits

The water alteration rod for water pipe systems uses a bio energetic effect to vitalize the water. This causes a reduction of impairing elements in the water and the improvement in already available positive elements. The effect of the BE water alteration rod is based on bio energetic basis by harmonization of subtle energy constellations.

Installation: Please clean the surface of the uncoated pipe. Simply install the BIO energetic rod with 2 ties or adhesive tape on the main water pipe with a max diameter of 2 inch. The change in water happens immediately. Now you can enjoy your fresh and new tasting water!

Labor test WT070245-246 according ISO 7704 attests the removal of bacterial count of 65 cfu/100ml!

CAN$ 455 plus shipping & tax

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