Water stone up to 10 li

The water stone serves you with high quality water.
- the water tastes fresh and soft as of source of the mountains
- drinking tea or coffee becomes a completely new pleasure
- plants keep fresh longer and prosper better
- the water becomes active again
- reduces limescale deposits

The water improver to go, glazed und therefor also usable with tea, coffee, wine, etc.

The BIO-energetic water stone for jugs up to 10 liters activates the water based on the BIO-energetic effect. This causes a reduction of elements which generate a negative effect on the water quality, and improves the available positive elements. The effect of the BIO-energetic water alteration is based on a pure BIO-energetic basis, owing to harmonization of natural energy constellations.

Installation: Fix the BIO-energetic water stone firmly with sticky tape outside of the water jug. It doesn’t matter which material the jug is from, only the contact with the stone has to be well! If desired the stone can be put into the water jug.

Labor test WT070245-246 according ISO 7704 attests the removal of bacterial count of 65 cfu/100ml!

CAN$ 100 plus shipping & tax

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