Wood saver

The wood chip or pellet saver is a sticker which is a few centimeters long and wide and is stuck to the conveyor chute or the crate for stored wood. The impact is 50 cm / 20 inches around the chip. It improves the burning power of wood, pellets or wood chips. The sticker holds specific information which modifies the wood’s molecular structure. That’s how the burning power of all types of wood is improved.

The sticker is a frequency carrier which energizes the wood in such a way that it is split into ionized gas chains during the burning process. This leads to an improved burning process and less toxic exhaust. This process can be referred to as “energization of wood”. The temperature shouldn’t be below -20°C. The wood shouldn’t be too dry (less than 10% moisture content) and too old. It works best with soft wood dried for 1.5 years and hard wood dried for 2 - 2.5 years. For using it with wood we covered the chip with plastic plates to protect it against damage. Dimension: 4’’ by 3’’

Wood is made up of long chains of hydrocarbons which do not only consist of C-H linkages but also CC linkages (depicted in black). It is impossible for oxygen O to link to C-C linkages which is why these linkages appear as soot (carbon) in the exhaust. The wood-chip saver splits the C-C linkages up and allows oxygen O from the surrounding air to link with the two C atoms. These additional linkages with oxygen leads to an enhanced proportion of gas and results in an increased burning power of the wood.

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Here you will find some testimonals regarding the Wood saver.

Hello, we tested the Wood Saver and we're positively surprised. At first everyone wonders how this would work. We were incredulous too, but after two months of testing in the winter time we see a difference. It gets warmer much faster and the peak temperature in the room is much higher than before we used the chip. The chip is in a sturdy packing and is well protected. We just keep the chip in proximity to the firewood we want to use the next day and when we use the firewood (mostly hardwood). It burns very hot. The little device is helping us to save a lot of wood. We recommend it to all our family and friends.

Lisa B. - Nova Scotia

My wood saver is hanging on a nail in my wood pile and I move it every two days. As it hangs between two piles I’m able to inform the wood for about three days. The treated wood wood burns slower but much hotter. I burn mostly birch now with a blue flame like natural gas. It burns much cleaner as well. I think I save up to 30% in wood. My experience: Less wood consumption, better cleaner burning, less stove cleaning.

Hans N. - BC

We are testing the wood saver now for about two months. Our experience: It burns hotter and cleaner and it seems to be a more intensive burning. We are now end of February and normally we see an end of our wood pile at this time. It’s different this year. We still have lots of wood. Mostly we heat our house with 3-4 arms of wood a day. It will be the first winter our wood box isn’t empty after the heating season.

Roland & Martina B. - Nova Scotia